R compiler Application-Installation Guide

R compiler, write R codes on your device. You can easily execute basic statistical analysis in mobile itself.

This is ideal for learning and testing code snippets.

R compiler released in Aug 2018 and the latest version upgraded in March 2021.

When you are using an upgrade (paid) version following features are available

  • No Ads
  • Unlimited plots
  • Install packages
  • Latest compilers

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Compile and Run your R program

Plot your Graphs

View your program output

Advanced source code editor with syntax highlighting and line numbers

Support different R compiler versions namely, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 4.0

Open, save, import, and share R files

Language reference

Access around a thousand packages

Install Additional packages

Customize editor

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Internet connection required for compilation

Maximum program running time 20 second

Some file system, network, and graphics functions may be limited

Interactive programs are not supported

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R compiler Installation

Here we are going to show how to install the application and basic data loading from a mobile folder.

Step 1:- Go to the play store and download the R compiler

Step 2:- Sample script will be available on the screen

Step 3:- Select the script

Step 4:- Click on … dots and Click Run Selection

Step 5:- Output Screen

Step 6:-Output Image displayed on right side bottom

How to load CSV file in R compiler

Step 7: Click … dots on right side top and Click input option

Step8:- Click Open file and choose csv file

Step 9:- read CSV terminal display

Based on read.csv, you can read the data set

read.csv(file=”stdin”,head=TRUE, sep=",")

You can see your loaded data points.

Step10:-Quick Introduction


Yes, Sometimes a laptop or computer is not available and wants to execute some basic analysis then it’s really handy…

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