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Data analysis aids in the understanding of a company’s difficulties and the useful exploration of data.

Ggplot2 scale in R 0

ggplot2 scale in R (grammar for graphics)

ggplot2 scale in R, due to the right-skewed distribution and selection of a linear scale in ggplot2, it is challenging to distinguish disparities in GDP. Read previous post… g+geom_point(aes(color=net_users,size=roadways)) g+geom_point(aes(color=net_users,size=roadways))+coord_trans(y=”log10″) In the latter, the...

Pattern Searching in R 0

Pattern Searching in R

Pattern Searching in R, Selecting a subset of data based on character inputs that match more abstract patterns is frequently desirable. Also, it can be quite helpful to have the ability to search and...