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Data analysis aids in the understanding of a company’s difficulties and the useful exploration of data.

match Function in R 0

match Function in R with examples

match Function in R, The position of the first match between two objects is returned by the match() function in R. The following is the fundamental syntax for this function. match (object1, object2) The...

Index Names and lapply Function in R 0

Index Names and lapply Function in R

Index Names and lapply Function in R,  This post, will show you how to use list indices in R’s FUN argument of the lapply function. The application of the lapply function will be demonstrated...

How to use the dollar sign in R 0

How to use the dollar sign ($) in R

How to use the dollar sign in R, You’ll learn how to use the $ operator in the R programming language in this tutorial. Example 1: How to use the dollar sign in R...

Uniform distribution in R 0

How to do Uniform Distribution in R

Uniform Distribution in R, A uniform distribution is a probability distribution in which every value between a and b has the same chance of being chosen. The formula for calculating the likelihood of getting...

Naive Approach Forecasting Example 0

Naive Approach Forecasting Example

Naive approach forecasting example, A naïve forecast is one in which the forecast for a particular period is just the same as the preceding period’s value. For example, you sold 250 computers last month...

Systematic sampling in R 0

Systematic Sampling in R with example

Systematic Sampling in R, Systematic sampling is a sort of probability sampling in which individuals of a bigger population are chosen at random from a larger population but at a fixed, periodic interval. The...

Eta Squared in R 0

How to perform Eta Squared in R

Eta Squared in R, Eta squared is a commonly-used effect size metric in ANOVA models. It is calculated as follows: It measures the proportion of variance associated with each main effect and interaction effect...


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