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Statistical analysis solves complicated problems that create a big impact across the fields.

Quartiles in Statistics 0

Quartiles in Statistics

Quartiles in statistics, Let’s talk about quartiles and their importance. The quartiles for the corresponding distribution of x are three variate values of the variable, say x, that divide the series (frequency) into four...

What is meant by classification 0

Classification Techniques in Data Mining

Classification Techniques in Data Mining, Classification is the process of grouping things or items into groups or classes based on their affinities and resemblances in order to communicate the units of traits that may...

AIC in R 0


AIC in R, Always we are curious about how well a model explains the relationship between variables. We can utilize information criteria to determine how successful our model is at explaining relationships. AIC and...

Statistics and Probability 0

What is mean by Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics, According to R A fisher statistics is a branch of applied mathematics that specializes in data. What are the main divisions of statistics? Theoretical Statistics:- It covers the development of statistical...

Goodness of fit test 0

How to find the Mean Deviation? MD Vs MAD-Quick Guide

How to find the mean deviation?, In this article, we are going to describe mean deviation and mean absolute deviation. What is statistical data? Functions, Methods, and Types » 1. Mean Deviation Mean deviation...

Experimental design in research 0

Experimental Design in Research | Quick Guide

Experimental design in research, In this tutorial we are going to discuss what are the requirements of a good experimental design. There are three requirements of a good Experimental Design in Research, Randomization Replication...

What are statistical data 0

What is statistical data? Functions, Methods, and Types

Statistics is the science which deals with collecting, classifying, presenting, comparing, and interpreting data collected from any sphere of inquiry.

The statistics convert meaningless numbers into valuable information and thereby giving life to lifeless data.

How to measure the association between the ranks? 0

How to measure the association between the ranks?

In many situations, the volunteers are ranked with the aid of using judges, or the measurements had been taken for 2 variables are assigned ranks inside the samples independently.

Now it’s miles preferred to understand the quantity of affiliation among the ranks.

Components of Time Series 0

Major Components of Time Series Analysis

There are four different components of a time series, namely: Components of Time Series Secular Trend Seasonal Variation Cyclical Variation Irregular Variation Secular Trend It measures long term changes occurring in a time series...

Measures of Central Tendency 0

What is business forecasting?

Business forecasting, The success of any kind business depends on its future estimates. Based on these estimates, the team or business person plan his prediction, stocks, selling markets, expansion of plans, arrangements of additional...


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