Kerala lottery rules and regulations – Everything you need to know

Kerala lottery rules and regulations, Kerala lottery is a popular lottery game in the Indian state of Kerala.

It is conducted by the Kerala government and is considered one of the most transparent lottery systems in India.

Kerala lottery rules and regulations have been put in place to ensure that the game is played fairly and honestly. Here is everything you need to know about Kerala lottery rules and regulations.

Who can play the Kerala lottery?

Anyone who is above the age of 18 years can play the Kerala lottery. However, people who are directly or indirectly associated with the lottery department or those who have criminal records are not allowed to participate in the game.

How to buy Kerala lottery tickets?

Kerala lottery tickets can be purchased from authorized lottery ticket vendors across the state. The tickets are sold at a fixed price, and it is illegal to sell the tickets for a higher price. The tickets contain a serial number, and the purchaser should ensure that the tickets are genuine and have not been tampered with.

How to claim Kerala lottery prizes?

The winners of the Kerala lottery can claim their prizes by submitting the winning ticket along with a claim form to the lottery department. The prizes can be claimed within 30 days from the date of the draw. The prize money will be paid in cash or cheque.

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What are the types of Kerala lottery?

There are several types of Kerala lottery, and each lottery has a different name and prize money. The major types of Kerala lottery are:

  • Pournami
  • Win-Win
  • Sthree Sakthi
  • Akshaya
  • Karunya Plus
  • Nirmal
  • Karunya

Each lottery has a different ticket price, prize money, and draw date.

What are the Kerala lottery results?

The Kerala lottery results are published on the official website of the Kerala lottery department. The results are also published in the local newspapers and displayed at lottery ticket vendors.

What are the Kerala lottery tax deductions?

The Kerala lottery winnings are subject to tax deductions as per the Income Tax Act, of 1961. The tax deductions can vary depending on the prize money and the total income of the winner.

What are the Kerala lottery regulations to prevent fraud?

The Kerala lottery department has put in place several regulations to prevent fraud and ensure fairness in the game. Some of the regulations are:

  • The lottery draws are conducted in the presence of a government-appointed officer.
  • The lottery tickets are printed with special security features to prevent counterfeiting.
  • The lottery department conducts regular audits to ensure that the game is played fairly.
  • The lottery department also conducts surprise checks on the lottery ticket vendors to ensure that they are selling tickets at the correct price.


Kerala lottery is a popular game in the state of Kerala, and it is played by millions of people every week. The Kerala lottery rules and regulations have been put in place to ensure that the game is played fairly and transparently.

The regulations have helped to prevent fraud and maintain the trust of the people in the lottery system. If you are interested in playing the Kerala lottery, make sure you follow the rules and play responsibly.

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