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Time Series Trend Analysis

Time Series Trend Analysis in R

Time series trend analysis, The Mann-Kendall Pattern Test is used to detect whether or not time series data has a trend. It’s a non-parametric test, which means there’s no underlying assumption about the data’s...

Perform Univariate Analysis in R

How to Perform Univariate Analysis in R

Perform Univariate Analysis in R, In statistics, there are three different types of strategies for univariate data analysis. There are three types of analysis: univariate, bivariate, and multivariate. The term “univariate analysis” refers to...

Skills To Become a Data Scientist

Calculate Confidence Intervals in R

Calculate Confidence Intervals in R, A confidence interval is a set of values that, with a high degree of certainty, are likely to include a population parameter. Confidence intervals can be found all over...

Homoscedasticity in Regression Analysis

Homoscedasticity in Regression Analysis

Homoscedasticity in Regression Analysis, The Goldfeld–Quandt test checks for homoscedasticity in regression studies in statistics. This is accomplished by separating a dataset into two portions or groups, which is why the test is also...

Chow Test in R

How to do Chow Test in R

The Chow test is used to compare the coefficients of two distinct regression models on two separate datasets. This test is commonly used in econometrics using time series data to evaluate if the data...