Research Analyst (Hebrew Language Specialist) | Immediate

Research Analyst (Hebrew Language Specialist) | Immediate

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Job Description

  • Conduct comprehensive research and analysis in the Hebrew language to gather essential supplier-related information.
  • Translate documents, communications, and data accurately from Hebrew to English.
  • Collaborate with the team to compile comprehensive reports and summaries based on the collected information.
  • Effectively communicate with suppliers, utilizing your language expertise to ensure clarity and accuracy in exchanges.
  • Apply problem-solving skills to address any challenges encountered during research or communication processes.

The Successful Applicant

  • Fluency in Hebrew with demonstrated proficiency in reading, writing, and translating to English.
  • Strong command of English in reading, speaking, and writing.
  • Possession of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or equivalent technical certifications.
  • Enrollment in a Bachelor’s level program or holding a technical degree is also acceptable.
  • Profound analytical, research, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Capability to work independently and collaboratively within a remote team, showcasing excellent communication skills.

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