Associate III – Data Analysis

Associate III – Data Analysis

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Role Proficiency:

Independently interprets data and analyses results using statistical techniques


  1.       Independently Mine and acquire data from primary and secondary sources and reorganize the data in a format that can be easily read by either a machine or a person; generating insights and helping clients make better decisions.
  2.       Develop reports and analysis that effectively communicate trends patterns and predictions using relevant data.
  3.       Utilizes historical data sets and planned changes to business models and forecast business trends
  4.      Working alongside teams within the business or the management team to establish business needs.
  5.       Creates visualizations including dashboards flowcharts and graphs to relay business concepts through visuals to colleagues and other relevant stakeholders.
  6. Set FAST goals

Measures of Outcomes:

  1.       Schedule adherence to tasks
  2.       Quality – Errors in data interpretation and Modelling
  3.       Number of business processes changed due to vital analysis.
  4.       Number of insights generated for business decisions
  5.       Number of stakeholder appreciations/escalations
  6.       Number of customer appreciations
  7. No: of mandatory trainings completed

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