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Linear Discriminant Analysis 0

Linear Discriminant Analysis: A step by step Guide

Linear Discriminant Analysis, we often utilize logistic regression when we have a collection of predictor factors and want to categorize a response variable into one of two classes. In the following circumstance, we may...

odds ratio interpretation 0

ODDS Ratio Interpretation Quick Guide

odds ratio interpretation, the probability is a statistical term that relates to the likelihood of an event occurring. It’s calculated as follows: Probability: P(event) = (Desirable Outcomes) / (Possible Outcomes) Let’s say we have...

data analysis courses for beginners 0

Statistical Hypothesis Testing-A Step by Step Guide

Statistical Hypothesis Testing, an assumption regarding a population parameter is referred to as a statistical hypothesis. For example, we can assume that the average male height in India is 60 inches. The statistical hypothesis...

Quartiles in Statistics 0

Quartiles in Statistics

Quartiles in statistics, Let’s talk about quartiles and their importance. The quartiles for the corresponding distribution of x are three variate values of the variable, say x, that divide the series (frequency) into four...

What is meant by classification 0

Classification Techniques in Data Mining

Classification Techniques in Data Mining, Classification is the process of grouping things or items into groups or classes based on their affinities and resemblances in order to communicate the units of traits that may...

AIC in R 0


AIC in R, Always we are curious about how well a model explains the relationship between variables. We can utilize information criteria to determine how successful our model is at explaining relationships. AIC and...

Statistics and Probability 0

What is mean by Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics, According to R A fisher statistics is a branch of applied mathematics that specializes in data. What are the main divisions of statistics? Theoretical Statistics:- It covers the development of statistical...


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