Increase Organic Traffic Malayalam Websites

Increase organic traffic Malayalam websites, don’t matter which language you are using for organic traffic.

An increase in organic traffic will provide you to generate a huge amount of money basis for different kinds of ads.

How to generate organic traffic? basically, traffic is generating based on content on the website. Here are a few easy ways to generate organic website traffic.

Increase organic traffic Malayalam or any other language websites.

1. Create the best content

The best part you would know that regular publishing of blogs is a good practice for SEO and will help to rank higher on the Google search page.

The main thing is to article or blog contain high-quality content. From the audience’s point of view the first impression is the best impression, concentrate on the quality of content.

2. Keywords     

This is one of the basics of free organic traffic.  SEO is commonly known as search engine optimization. You know while using small key phrases ranking is very difficult especially for new bloggers.

So if you use small key phrases might not receive good traffic. Use the long-tail keywords for getting organic traffic. When the audience is searching based on a particular long keyword would lead them to your website.

3. Consistency

Obviously, more blogs mean the chance for more traffic. Always google search engine prefer websites which publish more frequently with fresher content.

When you are publishing frequently or at regular time intervals, your visitors also think, you are serious about providing the content.

4. Guest blog

When you are writing guest blogs with internal links, you are exposing your article to a new audience.

If you try gust blogging keep in mind that use the same niche always, respond to comments, and go for high-quality websites. This will work as a backlink too.

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5. Marketing

Always, marketing is the best way to get organic traffic because you just have to market your website link and tell the audience what kind of content you are having on your website.

Awareness is one of the important things is here, people are aware of your website then its converts into a regular audience.

You can use for Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, Quora, Medium etc..

If you are writing weekly once, try to market your blog/content in the remaining days on different platforms.

If you are using WordPress, go for Revive old post plugin for sending old post automatically to social media like Twitter, Facebook, link din etc..

If you concentrate on all 10 golden rules, can see the increase in website performance shortly.

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6. Engage

Engaging with your audience is one of the keys to generating organic traffic. Respond to audience queries at the earliest.

If you don’t have time you use chatbots service for engaging the audience.

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7. On-page Optimization

If you are using WordPress Yoast seo will help you for better page optimization.

Aware about meta description, focus keyword, SEO title length, etc… Always try to generate only SEO friendly content.

Focus on creating interlinks, this will help the audience to spend more time on your website and help to reduce the bounce rate.

8. Improve Site Overall Experience

If your audience gets information quickly from your site and seamless navigation for different pages, all will drive into organic traffic. Choose your theme wisely will help to load the site in a few seconds.

9. Voice Search

Always try to adopt new technologies. Voice search is one such facility that can increase the seamless activity on your website.

Nowadays everyone is using smartphones including voice search will help in making technically advanced sites and an increase in organic traffic.

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10. Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays everyone accessing the website through their mobile phone. So, make sure, your site is compatible with mobile phones. This is one of the keys for google ranking too.


Remember content is the king, Be patient, make SEO friendly high-quality content. Always try to think about audience questions and try to answer them.

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