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Mahalanobis Distance 0

How to Calculate Mahalanobis Distance in R

In multivariate space, the Mahalanobis distance is the distance between two points. It’s frequently used to locate outliers in statistical investigations involving several variables. This tutorial describes how to execute the Mahalanobis distance in...

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How to Create Pareto Chart in R

Pareto Chart in R, Pareto chart is a combination of a line graph and a bar chart used for visualization. A Pareto graph is a type of chart that displays the frequencies of the different categories with the cumulated frequencies of the categories. How to create...

How to Calculate SMAPE in R 0

How to Calculate SMAPE in R

How to Calculate SMAPE in R?, SMAPE indicates the symmetric mean absolute percentage error.SMAPE is mainly used to measure the predictive accuracy of models. Mathematical formula is SMAPE = (1/n) * Σ(|forecast – actual|...