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best Standard deviation 0

What is mean by the best standard deviation?

Best standard deviation- Our brains aren’t good at dictating small relationships or variations, such cases statistics is the only one way to measure the facts. Statistics is the medium of summarizing data points into...

sample size calculation formula 0

Sample Size Calculation Formula

Sample Size Calculation Formula, In this article discussing about Sampling and sample size calculation formula. Sampling is part of our day-to-day life which we use knowingly or unknowingly. A simple example of sampling is...


Types of Data Visualization Charts

What are the different types of data visualization charts and advantages ? 1) Diagrams give a bird eye view of any type of data 2) Long lasting Impression 3) Easy to understand without knowing the...

Difference between Association and Correlation 0

What are the differences between Association and Correlation?

Differences between Association and Correlation, In this article, we are talking about major differences between association & correlation and measure of association of attributes like when, notations and terminology, order classes, different methods, etc… When do...

quality control charts 0

How to measure quality control charts?

Quality control charts, The statistical Quality Control chart is used to assess the product’s quality. Every product is made for a specific reason; if it fulfills that goal completely, it is considered good quality;...

correlation coefficient 0

What is mean by the correlation coefficient?

What is mean by the correlation coefficient, To obtain a measure of the relation between X and Y independent of units of measurements. Karl Pearson in 1890 developed a measure of relationship and it’s...

Regression Analysis 0

Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis is used for finding out the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more than one independent variable. The functional relationship between the dependent variable & independent variable is called the...

What are the Nonparametric tests 0

What are the Nonparametric tests?

What are the Nonparametric tests?. Why we need nonparametric statistical analysis? Parametric statistical methods are based on particular assumptions about the population in which the samples have been drawn. Particularly probability distribution, observation accuracy,...

Null Hypothesis 0

Why we need a null hypothesis test?

Why we need a null hypothesis test?. Hypothesis testing is an important stage in statistics. The test evaluates two mutually exclusive statements about a population to determine which statement is better supported by the...


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