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Area Under Curve in R 0

Area Under Curve in R (AUC)

Area Under Curve in R, when the response variable is binary, we utilize logistic regression as a statistical method to fit a regression model. Area Under Curve in R The following two metrics can...

R Summary Statistics Table 0

R Summary Statistics Table

R Summary Statistics Table, The describe() and describeBy() methods from the psych package are the simplest way to produce summary tables in R. library(psych) The syntax for the summary table tidyverse in r –...

Group wise Correlation in R 0

Group wise Correlation in R

Group-wise Correlation in R, To calculate the correlation between two variables by the group in R, use the basic syntax below. library(dplyr) df %>%   group_by(group) %>%   summarize(cor=cor(var1, var2)) This syntax computes the...