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Uniform distribution in R 0

How to do Uniform Distribution in R

Uniform Distribution in R, A uniform distribution is a probability distribution in which every value between a and b has the same chance of being chosen. The formula for calculating the likelihood of getting...

Naive Approach Forecasting Example 0

Naive Approach Forecasting Example

Naive approach forecasting example, A na├»ve forecast is one in which the forecast for a particular period is just the same as the preceding period’s value. For example, you sold 250 computers last month...

Systematic sampling in R 0

Systematic Sampling in R with example

Systematic Sampling in R, Systematic sampling is a sort of probability sampling in which individuals of a bigger population are chosen at random from a larger population but at a fixed, periodic interval. The...

Eta Squared in R 0

How to perform Eta Squared in R

Eta Squared in R, Eta squared is a commonly-used effect size metric in ANOVA models. It is calculated as follows: It measures the proportion of variance associated with each main effect and interaction effect...

Sobel test in R 0

How to perform the Sobel test in R

How to perform the Sobel test in R, This tutorial will show you how to perform a Sobel test in R. The Sobel test is used to see if a variable carries (or mediates)...

Chi-Square Goodness of fit formula 0

Chi-Square Goodness of fit formula in R

Chi-square goodness of fit formula, To see if a categorical variable follows a hypothesized distribution, a Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test is utilized. This lesson will show you how to use R to run...

Trimmed mean in R 0

How to find a Trimmed Mean in R

Trimmed Mean in R, A trimmed mean is a dataset’s mean that has been determined after deleting a certain percentage of the dataset’s smallest and greatest values. In other words, before determining the mean,...

calculate variance in r 0

Sample and Population Variance in R

Sample and Population Variance in R, The variance is a metric for determining how dispersed data values are around the mean. Variance is the expectation of a random variable’s squared departure from its mean...

Import CSV Files into R 0

Import CSV Files into R Step-by-Step Guide

Import CSV Files into R, the contents of a CSV file are stored in a tabular-like style with rows and columns. A delimiter string separates the values of the columns in each row. K...


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