Best sip plans in India-SIP Vs Lumpsum

Best sip plans in India, Systematic investment plan, and lump sum plan are the two best ways to invest in India.

SIP Investment India

SIP is an investment option that everyone puts forward. SIP is a method of depositing an amount over a long period of time, either monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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SIP Investment India, SIP helps to develop a highly disciplined investment.

Choosing a good mutual fund and investing the right amount every month helps you to build a good investment without being affected by the ups and downs of the market.

By investing accurately every month, you can buy and add units with a good cost average. As the NAV varies every day, it helps to make better investments through SIP.

The trick here is to buy units without stopping investing when the market is volatile. This will help you to make a good profit as the market rises.

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Lumpsum is a one-time deposit. Now let’s see who is most suitable for lump sum investment.

Those who are able to invest in the market situation, the current performance of the mutual fund, and its growth potential should invest through Lumpsum.

When to Invest in Lumpsum?

Invest in Lumpsum only when the market is collapsing or in a panic situation. You can contact your financial advisor for this.

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Best sip plans in India

Fund NameMonthly Investment1 Year Return (%) 2 Year Return (%) 3 Year Return (%)
Axis Blue Chip Fund500052.5220.7918.16
Axis Focused 25 500061.9120.9419.03
DSP Equity 500031.9014.6914.36
HDFC Balanced Advantage 500055.6514.3913.47
ICICI Prudential Bluechip 500059.2414.1512.51

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