One-Dimensional Optimization in R

One-Dimensional Optimization in R, You’ll discover how to use the optimize() function to carry out a one-dimensional optimization in this R course.

Basic R Syntax: The optimized function’s basic R programming syntax is shown here.

optimize(any_function, any_intervals)   

Will give an example of how to use the optimize function in R programming in the paragraphs that follow.

Optimizing a user-defined function, for instance. Using R’s optimize()

The optimize function in R is used as seen in the following R programming syntax. We must first design the function we want to optimize.

my_function <- function(x) {
  z^3 + 2 * z^2 - 10 * z}

Now that we have our user-defined function optimized, we can utilize the optimize() command. We are utilizing a lower interval limit of -1 and an upper interval limit of 1 in this illustration.

interval = c(- 1, 1))
[1] 0.999959
 [1] -6.999877

The RStudio console displays the outcome: At the value of 0.999959, we discovered a minimum, along with an aim (i.e., the minimum’s location).

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