How to read a stock chart pattern

How to read a stock chart pattern Chart Reading Technique

Remember never to take an entry below 50% i.e. your entry candlestick should be more than 50% of the minimum reference candle.

The most effective method is to do entry-exit mock tests several times and then go into real trading and practice trading with the help of technical analysis instead of trading without any criteria.

Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis is used for finding out the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more than one independent variable. The functional relationship between the dependent variable & independent variable is called the...

What are the Nonparametric tests

What are the Nonparametric tests?

What are the Nonparametric tests?. Why we need nonparametric statistical analysis? Parametric statistical methods are based on particular assumptions about the population in which the samples have been drawn. Particularly probability distribution, observation accuracy,...

Contingency Table in R

Contingency Table in R

Contingency Table in R, In the test hypothesis, it is usually assumed sample drawn from a known distribution like binomial, Poisson, normal, etc…It is an assumption but good to check our assumption holds true...

discriminant analysis in r

Discriminant Analysis in R

Discrimination tests are more important in sensory analysis. The main idea behind sensory discrimination analysis is to identify any significant difference or not. 

Here are the details of different types of discrimination methods and p-value calculations based on different protocols/methods. 

This article will discuss different types of methods and discriminant analysis in r.

Null Hypothesis

Why we need a null hypothesis test?

Why we need a null hypothesis test?. Hypothesis testing is an important stage in statistics. The test evaluates two mutually exclusive statements about a population to determine which statement is better supported by the...