Data Science

Data Science


Job Objective

  •      Analyze IIOT big Datasets and provide actionable insights to drive business process improvements
  •      Develop machine learning models to improve efficiency and effectiveness of products/processes
  •      Align with organizational strategy for IIoT projects.

Primary Responsibilities

  •      Supervised/Unsupervised model/s development and deployment to provide artificial intelligence to optimize Business/Functional processes efficiency and effectiveness metrics
  •      Query on Databases for data extraction, Handle Bigdata sets and develop interactive and insightful dashboards using data visualization software
  •      Maintain / Monitor ETLs associated with data required for execution of deployed models
  •      Support integration of tested and validated models with IIOT application products

Key Result Areas

1. Supervised / Semi Supervised/ Unsupervised model development and deployment:
o    Should have minimum 3 years of experience in developing and deployment of  minimum 5 models and witnessed different lifecycle stages of these models like requirement gathering, acquire data, preprocess data, model development, testing, validation, tracking effectiveness and redevelop /finetune as required
2. Data Analysis and Visualization
o    Should have minimum 2 years of experience in handling large datasets, analyze, report actionable insights, and develop interactive dashboards using at least one of the following software:
    PowerBI / Tableau / Qlikview / RShiny/ Plotly/ Dash etc.,
  3. Data Engineering
o    Should have minimum one year of experience in ETLs and Data pipelines in IIOT, Cloud and Big Data environments
o    Preferred to have experience in Microsoft azure data lake, Azure DataBricks, Thingworx, PostgreSQL, Ubuntu, Windows etc., environments

 4. Coding:
o    Should have minimum 3 years of experience in at least two of the following languages:
    PySpark / Python / R /Java / Scala/SQL/SparkR/SparkSQL etc.,

Domain Knowledge: (Should have functional knowledge and ML model development experience in at least one of the following domains)
o    Factory Analytics
o    Product Reliability Analytics
o    Total Productive Maintenance
o    After Market Sales and Service
o    Embedded Systems/Sensors

Key Interfaces

Customer Experience: 

  •      Proactive and regular communication through email, calls or personal visits with all customers.
  •      Prompt action for any issues raised by customer

Educational and Experience Requirements

Key Educational Qualification and Experience:

  •      Any Bachelor’s degree in Engineering OR Master’s Degree in Statistics/Computer Applications/ IT/Analytics /any discipline related to Data Science
  •      Minimum 4 years of overall experience
  •      Minimum 3 years of experience in Data Science and should have worked on Predictive Analytics related areas
  •      Industry: IT/Software Industry /R&D/Consulting/Engineering/Manufacturing

Background requirement:

  •      Data Scientist with 3-5 years of work experience in developing AI/machine learning models, interactive data visualization dashboards and with knowledge of ETLs, Data Pipelines, Databases in Bigdata / IIOT environment
  •      Should have worked on Predictive Analytics related areas

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