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ggplot2 Transparent Background 0

ggplot2 Transparent Background Quick Guide

ggplots Transparent Background, the ggplot2 syntax for adding a translucent background to a plot is as follows. p +   theme(     panel.background = element_rect(fill=’transparent’), #transparent panel bg     plot.background = element_rect(fill=’transparent’, color=NA), #transparent...

NLP Technology 0

NLP Technology- N-gram Model in NLP

The likelihood of the word sequence is calculated using language modeling. Applications for this modeling include speech recognition, spam filtering, and many more. Automatic Language Recognition (NLP) Artificial intelligence (AI) and linguistics have converged...

Dummy Variable Example in R 0

Dummy Variable Example in R

Dummy Variable Example in R, A dataset occasionally needs to be arranged according to particular properties. They are important for statistical modeling because they facilitate the grouping of related objects by providing a dummy...