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One sample analysis in R 2

One Sample Analysis in R

One sample analysis in R-In statistics, we can define the corresponding null hypothesis  (H0) as follow: Hypothesis: 1.      H0:m=μ,  2.      H0:m≤μ 3.      H0:m≥μ The corresponding alternative hypotheses (Ha) are as follow: 1.      Ha:m≠μ (different) 2.      Ha:m>μ (greater) 3.      Ha:m<μ (less) Outlier Detection:<-function{abs(x-mean(x,na.rm=TRUE))>3*sd(x,na.rm=TRUE)} ddply(data,.(sample, variable),transform, column heading...

Best sip plans in India 1

Best sip plans in India-SIP Vs Lumpsum

Best sip plans in India, Systematic investment plan, and lump sum plan are the two best ways to invest in India. SIP Investment India SIP is an investment option that everyone puts forward. SIP...

Monthly Income Investment 0

Monthly Income Investment

Monthly Income Investment, This is a plan that can be opened through Post Office. Let us see what are the features of the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme. Government of India Plan Safe Investment...

How to select mutual funds 2

How to select mutual funds?

How to select mutual funds? It is a scheme of investing in equity-related instruments in order to get a very high return. It offers high returns, unlike the normal investment scheme. The risk is...


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