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Weibull distribution in R 0

Weibull Distribution in R

Weibull Distribution in R, Weibull Distribution was discovered by Swedish physicist Wallodi Weibull in 1939. A continuous random variable X is said to follow Weibull distribution if its probability density function fx(x; α, β)=...

Data Science Soft Skills 0

Data Science Soft Skills

Data Science Soft Skills, Data scientists can have a significant impact on a company’s earnings in a variety of ways. Many competitions are now taking place in this discipline. So, if you want to...

Calculate Geometric Mean in R 0

Calculate Geometric Mean in R

Calculate Geometric Mean in R, Geometric mean is the nth root of the product of n values of a set of observations. Geometric can be expressed as GM=(x1, x2, x3, ……, xn)1/n The advantage...