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Experimental design in research 0

Experimental Design in Research | Quick Guide

Experimental design in research, In this tutorial we are going to discuss what are the requirements of a good experimental design. There are three requirements of a good Experimental Design in Research, Randomization Replication...

Kendall’s rank correlation in R 0

Kendall’s Rank Correlation in R-Correlation Test

Kendall’s Rank Correlation in R, Kendall’s rank correlation coefficient is suitable for the paired ranks as in the case of Spearman’s rank correlation. The condition is that both the variables X and Y be...

Kurtosis 2

Kurtosis in R-What do you understand by Kurtosis?

Kurtosis means bulginess and it is a numerical method in statistics that measures the sharpness of the peak in the distribution. If a frequency distribution curve is more peaked compared to normal peaked curve...

radar chart 0

Radar Chart in R with ggradar

Radar Chart in R, additionally called a spider plot is used to visualize the values over more than one quantitative variable. A radar chart is an informative graphical tool in which multiple variables and...

Kruskal Wallis test in R 0

Kruskal Wallis test in R-One-way ANOVA Alternative

Kruskal Wallis test in R, Kruskal Wallis test is one of the frequently used methods in nonparametric statistics for analyzing data in one-way classification.

It is equivalent to a one-way analysis of variance in parametric methods.

When we test the identicalness of the k population from which the independent samples have been drawn.

There is no restriction of sample size

skewness in statistics 0

Skewness in Statistics-Calculate Skewness in R

Skewness in Statistics, what is mean by skewness? The lack of symmetry of the tails of a frequency distribution curve is known as skewness. The symmetry of tails means that the frequency of the...

paired test in R Mcnemar’s test in R 0

McNemar’s test in R

McNemar’s test in R, McNemar’s test to see the effect of some treatment, training, or advertisement which brings about the changes in the attitude of individuals. This test is mainly useful when the measurements...

summarize in r 0

summarize in r, Data Summarization In R

when we have a dataset and to get clear idea about each parameter the summary of a variable is important.

Summarized data will provide the clear idea about the data set.

In this tutorial we are going to talk about summarize () function from dplyr package.


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