Data Scientist

Data Scientist


About this opportunity

As Data Scientist, who will be responsible for developing scientific methods, processes, and systems to extract knowledge or insights to drive the future of applied analytics and Provide thought leadership, perform Sophisticated Statistical Analytics, and build insights into data to deliver to the business measurable insights, identify trends, and measure performance which address business problems.

  • We believe in trust – we trust each other to do the right things!
  • We believe in sharing our insights and helping one another to build an even better user plane.

What you will do

  • Building advanced statistical models, algorithms and trend analysis in order to discover predictive insights related to network and business objectives
  • Translate data algorithms and complex ideas into impactful management insights and solutions
  • Translate operator business objectives into business intelligence trough regressive data analytics
  • Working on BigData tools and technologies to sustain our continued operational transformation objectives and market leadership
  • Research and develop approaches on how to improve business processes and customers’ experience by using our vast amounts of data.

You will bring

  • Good knowledge of statistical analysis, theory of probabilities, design of experiments and machine learning.
  • Acuity for business flow understanding and expertise in data preparation-data mining and pre-processing.
  • Good command of programming language and software environment for statistical analysis, graphics representation and reporting i.e. R, Python;

Key Qualifications:

Education: Graduation in Computer Science or similar.

Minimum years of relevant experience: 5 years of proven experience, preferably from Telecom domain.

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