Convert character strings to Date in R

Convert character strings to Date in R, Will show you how to use the as function to convert a character to the Date class. R Date Function Definition and Basic R as is a syntax.

Definition of the Date Function: The as. The Date R function converts character strings to Date objects.

Please see the basic R programming syntax for the as.Date function below.

as.Date("2020-12-10")               # Basic R syntax of as.Date function

In the following post, I’ll demonstrate how to use the as.Date function in the R programming language.

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Convert character strings to Date in R

The following data will serve as the foundation for this R programming tutorial:

date <- "2023-10-05"            

The structure of our example data is shown in the previous RStudio console output: It is a data object that contains a single character string in year-month-day format.

Let’s look at our example data’s data type.


It’s a string of characters…

Convert a Character String to a Date Using as an example. The Date() Function

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The R syntax below shows how to convert a character string to a Date object in R. We can use the as.Date function for this task, is shown below.

new1 <- as.Date(my_date)    

The previous RStudio console output is identical to the output of our original input data. However, we can see the difference by looking at the data class.


The date is the class of the updated data object. That looks great!

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