Where can I find Data Science Internships

Where can I find Data Science Internships?, “I’m seeking a summer internship… I’ve looked at some of the big companies (Google, Amazon, etc.), but I’m sure there are a lot of interesting places I’m not aware of…”

There is a lot of advice out there that touts the importance of internships. We both agree.

Obtaining an internship (or more) can be a great way to gain practical experience and provide real-world examples of your work when applying for full-time positions.

That is, however, the theory.

What about practice?

What steps should you take to find internships?

Who provides them?

Where can you find them?

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Where can I find Data Science Internships?

We generally recommend taking a few different routes.

Examine job boards. There will usually be a smattering. Indeed.com, for example, usually has some, as does Glassdoor.com, and Start-Up Hire has start-up-oriented ones (and you can sign up for alerts when more are posted)

Look for them on Twitter, where they are shared more casually. If you type “#datascience internship” into Google’s search bar, you should get several results.

It may appear overly obvious, but you can find some that don’t appear on other channels for whatever reason.

Look into companies that have previously provided them. While there’s no guarantee they’ll do it again, it shows they’re willing to try (and even have a formal process).

There are several approaches to this.

LinkedIn. If you search for “data science intern” on LinkedIn, you’ll find profiles of people who have interned at various companies. Voila! Companies that have previously offered Data Science internships:)

This Quora Thread lists several companies that hired interns in the Summer of 2015 – it’s worth checking to see if they’re still hiring.

Proactive communication. Many places may be interested in having an intern because it can be a great (low-cost) way to get an extra pair of hands and find full-time hires, but they may not be looking formally.

For example, we recently spoke with a Hiring Manager who described their approach to finding good DS interns as “largely opportunistic.”

Proactivity is therefore essential. Please contact any companies that interest you! However, have a project idea (or two) in mind to assist them.

If you’ve considered how Data Science could benefit their business, you’re much more likely to pique their interest, appear motivated, and come across as business-savvy (rather than just technically qualified).

That should get you started, so let’s get started…


Make a list of ten places where you’d like to intern based on your skill set and interests. Make sure to include some “proactive” ones, as they may be easier to obtain if no one else is applying (assuming you tailor your outreach with some specific ideas.

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