Data Analytics Courses for Beginners-Certifications

Data analytics courses for beginners, there has never been a better moment to broaden your data analytics knowledge. Experts are increasingly concerned about the skills gap in the field of data analysts, which is critical to most firms in operation today.

Still, if you’re considering getting a data analytics certification, you’ll want to know if it’s actually worth it.

And, if so, which data analytics certification programs should you look into?

Based on significant market research, we’ll provide our list of the top courses and programs available right now.

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Data Analytics Courses for Beginners

Let’s look at the course details,

1. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate– Coursera

One of the most well-known Data Analyst Certification programs is this one. In this program, you’ll learn about the methods and processes that a junior or associate data analyst uses on a daily basis, as well as data-driven decision-making and how data analysts convey their findings.

You’ll also learn how to prepare data for exploration and how analysts work with databases and data sets using spreadsheets and SQL in this course.

Then you’ll learn how to use spreadsheets and SQL to check and clean your data, as well as how to validate and report your data cleaning results.

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This course also explains how to achieve business objectives by doing sophisticated computations on your data.

Tableau is a data visualization application that will assist you in creating great representations for your presentations.

You will learn how to utilize RStudio to apply R to your analysis at the end of this course.

2. IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate– Coursera

This Professional certificate program will teach you the principles of data collection, data cleaning, data analysis, and data sharing using visualizations and dashboard technologies.

You’ll also gain a basic understanding of how to use Excel spreadsheets for data analysis and how to use spreadsheets as a data visualization tool.

Python fundamentals, Pandas, and NumPy will also be covered in this professional certificate program.

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You’ll also master fundamental and advanced SQL and database skills, such as how to create databases and use Python to collect and analyze data.

You’ll study data analysis techniques in the last two sessions, from importing and wrangling data through statistical analysis and modeling.

Line graphs, pie charts, bar charts, and specialized representations like Waffle and Folium are examples of data visualization techniques.

You will put practically all of the principles learned during the program into practice in the final Capstone Project.

3. Intro to Data Analysis– Udacity

This is a fully free course that serves as an excellent introduction to the data analysis process.

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The full data analysis process will be covered in this course, including raising a question, data wrangling, data exploration, drawing conclusions, and sharing your findings.

The Python libraries NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib will also be covered in this course.

4. Data Analyst with Python– DataCamp

Datacamp offers a Career Track in this area. There are 16 courses in this career track that will teach you how to import, clean, modify, and visualize data in a step-by-step manner.

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The best aspect about this career path is that you’ll acquire hands-on experience with some of Python’s most popular libraries, such as pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, and others.

You’ll also be working with real-world datasets, such as Titanic data and Twitter’s streaming API.

5. Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization: Excel to MySQL

Coursera, Duke University offers this Specialization program. You’ll learn how to phrase business problems as data questions in this course.

To analyze data, construct projections and models, design visualizations, and present your findings, you’ll use programs like Excel, Tableau, and MySQL.

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The best part about this program is that you will be working on a real-world project that focuses on increasing residential property revenue.

This program is sponsored by Airbnb, which is Capstone’s official sponsor. This is also a five-course series.

6. The Complete Introduction to Data Analytics with Tableau

Udemy-Another beginner-level data analytics certification course. You’ll learn how to create interactive dashboards and upload them to Tableau Online in this course.

This course will teach you how to develop five interactive dashboards and how to connect to a variety of data sources, including Excel, Google Sheets, and Cloud Servers.

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This course also teaches you how to make bar charts, line charts, donut charts, maps, tables, and dual-axis charts, among other charts.

In this course, you will also work on the projects Discount Mart, Green Destinations, Super Store, Northwind Trade, and Tesla.

7. Beginner Statistics for Data Analytics– Udemy

This is a beginner-friendly course that will teach you how to use the basic statistical tools for data analytics.

This course will teach you how to visualize your data using visualizations such as histograms and scatter plots, as well as how to use basic descriptive statistics.

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You’ll also learn how to use regression analysis to discover trends in your data and develop a robust forecasting model, as well as how to mix descriptive and inferential statistics to evaluate and forecast your data.

8. Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: the PwC Approach Specialization– Coursera

PwC provides this specialization (Multinational professional services network). With the help of this specialty program, you will gain experience with data analysis and how to turn business intelligence into actual results.

You’ll learn how to use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and other common data analysis and communication software in this session.

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This specialized program also includes practical projects in which you will create an analysis strategy, evaluate data sets utilizing Excel skills, and prepare a corporate presentation.


We’ve covered eight of the best data analytics certification programs on the market in this article. Yes, ultimately you were able to find something best-fitted course for your educational needs!

Now is the time to dig a little deeper into your study and do complete background checks on the programs you’ve shortlisted.

Before you enroll in anything, read independent evaluations and graduate testimonials, carefully analyze the course material, determine the skills you’ll need to master for any ideal possible jobs, and speak with an advisor at your chosen institution to ask any questions you may have.

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