Best Courses For Data Visualization Online

Best Courses For Data Visualization, Data visualization is fast becoming an important must-learn talent in this age and time of Technology and Big Data.

As businesses become increasingly data-driven, we must be able to not only comprehend vast amounts of data, but also analyze, explain, digest, and compare complicated data in a way that everyone who needs to understand it can.

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Best Courses For Data Visualization

Data visualization isn’t only for data scientists and analysts; it’s needed in various fields, including finance, marketing, technology, and design.

Data communicators who can visualize data and successfully communicate results to both technical and non-technical individuals are in high demand.

1. Data Visualization in Tableau– Udacity

This free course will show you how to use Tableau to visualize data. The course starts with the fundamentals of data visualization, such as why visualization is so important in analytics, exploratory vs. explanatory visualizations, data kinds, and data encoding methods.

Then, to get the most out of data visualizations, you’ll study design principles like how to use chart type, color, size, and form.

After understanding design concepts, you’ll learn Tableau and its basic operations, such as data input and chart creation.

This course also teaches how to create visualizations to communicate stories with data and how to build Tableau dashboards.

2. Basic Data Visualization in Excel- Udemy

This is yet another data visualization course that is absolutely free. This course will teach you how to visualize data using Microsoft Excel.

This isn’t a particularly in-depth course, but you’ll learn how to decide whether your data is graph-worthy and how to organize your data before visualizing it.

3. Data Visualization and D3.js– Udacity

This is a fully free data visualization course. You will study the principles of data visualization and how to display data values visually in this course.

Then you’ll learn how to develop a graphical element using web open standards, which chart type to employ for a data set, and which colors to avoid when creating graphics.

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Following that, you’ll learn how to use the Dimple JavaScript library to produce graphics, how to add different narrative frameworks into your visualizations, and how to deal with bias during the data visualization process.

You’ll learn how to use animation and interaction to provide more data insights to your audience, as well as how to develop a bubble map for the World Cup data set, at the end of this course.

4. Data Science: Visualization– edX

Auditing this course is completely free. You will have access to course materials in the free mode, but not to certifications, graded assignments, or examinations.

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You will learn the fundamentals of data visualization and exploratory data analysis in this course. The R programming package ggplot2 is used for data visualization.

This course will also cover data visualization principles, as well as how to utilize ggplot2 to generate custom plots.

5. Data Analysis and Visualization– Udacity

This course will teach you how to analyze and visualize data using various techniques and ideas. You’ll also learn how to create data analysis and visualization applications and scripts.

This course employs the R programming language. You will also learn how to model data using logistic regression and linear regression in this course.

You will learn how to handle high-dimensional data successfully using regularisation at the end of this course.

6. Data Visualization– Kaggle

This course may be found on Kaggle. This course will teach you how to utilize seaborn, a powerful but simple data visualization tool. You’ll learn Python programming essentials as well as how to use seaborn.

Then you’ll learn how to make line charts, bar charts, heatmaps, and sophisticated scatter plots that look professional. Following that, you’ll study histograms and density plots.

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You will work on a final project after completing the course, in which you will learn how to use your own datasets and construct your own data visualizations.

7. Data Visualization in Python Masterclass™ for Data Scientist– Udemy

This free course will teach you how to visualize data in Python. You will learn how to utilize Matplotlib for data visualization in this course.

This course will show you how to make basic 2D charts and customize them to tell your message.

You’ll also learn about subplots and how to use Matplotlib to build them. Then you’ll learn how to use a variety of interactive and explorable graphic representations, such as scatter plots, line plots, bar plots, stacked bar plots, histogram plots, pie charts, and so on.

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We hope you find these 7 Best Free Data Visualization Courses useful in your data visualization studies.

Our goal is to give you the best learning resources possible. Please bookmark this post will add up more courses.

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