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Free data science course, Are you seeking Free Data Science Online Courses?

If so, this post will assist you by providing free online Data Science courses from multiple platforms.

Okey spends a few minutes and selects the best free online data science courses for you.

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We strongly recommend that you can bookmark this article for future reference. This article provides the best free online courses and you can save lots of time without searching for courses anywhere else.

For your convince we made a small table for quick reference, so you may filter out the courses based on your requirements.

But, before you get into the courses, a data scientist must be well-versed in the following skills,

Programming Skills, Statistics or Probability, Machine Learning, Multivariate Calculus and Linear Algebra, Data wrangling, Data Visualization, Database Management, Big Data.

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Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, Kaggle, edX, Caltech, Google, and YouTube online portals have compiled a list of the finest free Data Science online courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

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For the past decade, every business has relied on statistics to market its goods. Data is used in a variety of industrial activities. Products are created following thorough data analysis of various users.

Companies are looking for specialists who can help them manage their data these days. They require data analysts, and because this is a relatively new profession, there is little competition.

Aside from that, organizations are willing to compensate data analysts well.

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Free data science course

1Data Science in Stratified Healthcare and Precision MedicineCoursera17 hoursIntermediate
2Intro to Data ScienceUdacity2 MonthsIntermediate
3Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data AnalysisCoursera12 hours Intermediate
4Data Analysis and VisualizationUdacity16 WeeksIntermediate
5Data Visualization and D3.jsUdacity7 WeeksIntermediate
6Data Analysis with RUdacity2 MonthsIntermediate
7SparkUdacity10 HoursIntermediate
8Data Wrangling with MongoDBUdacity2 MonthsIntermediate
9Process Mining: Data science in ActionCoursera22 hours Intermediate
10Practical Time Series AnalysisCoursera26 hours Intermediate
11Real-Time Analytics with Apache StormUdacity2 WeeksIntermediate
12Linear Algebra Refresher CourseUdacity 4 MonthsIntermediate
13Improving your statistical inferencesCoursera28 hoursIntermediate
14Hands-on Text Mining and AnalyticsCoursera13 hours Intermediate
15Improving Your Statistical QuestionsCoursera18 hoursIntermediate
16Population Health: Predictive AnalyticsCoursera18 hoursIntermediate
17Data Analysis with PythonUdemy1hr 19minIntermediate
18Data CleaningKaggle4 hrsIntermediate
19Feature EngineeringKaggle6 hrsIntermediate
20Explore, Track, Predict the ISS in Realtime With PythonUdemy1hr 13minIntermediate
21The Math of Data Science: Linear AlgebraedX8 WeeksIntermediate
22Learning from DataCaltech18 hoursIntermediate
23Foundations of Data Science: K-Means Clustering in PythonCoursera29 hoursBeginner
24Essentials of Data ScienceUdemy1hr 41minBeginner
25R Basics – R Programming Language IntroductionUdemy4hr 6minBeginner
26StatisticsUdacity4 MonthsBeginner
27Intro to Data AnalysisUdacity6 WeeksBeginner
28Machine Learning by Stanford UniversityCoursera60 hoursBeginner
29Data Analytics for Lean Six SigmaCoursera11 hoursBeginner
30Probability and StatisticsCoursera16 hoursBeginner
31Data Science EthicsCoursera15 hoursBeginner
32An Intuitive Introduction to ProbabilityCoursera30 hoursBeginner
33Introduction to Data Science using Python (Module 1/3)Udemy2hr 32minBeginner
34What is Data Science?Udemy40minBeginner
35Python For Data ScienceUdemy3hr 55minBeginner
36Learn NumPy Fundamentals (Python Library for Data Science)Udemy1hr 49minBeginner
37Python for Data Science – Great LearningUdemy1hr 55minBeginner
38Intro to Data for Data ScienceUdemy1hr 1minBeginner
39Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Python & RUdemy8hr 7minBeginner
40Python Crash Course for Data Science and Machine LearningUdemy1hr 39minBeginner
41Data Science with Analogies, Algorithms, and Solved ProblemsUdemy1hr 19minBeginner
42Learn Data Science With RUdemy8hr 42minBeginner
43Introduction to Python For Data Science 2022Udemy57minBeginner
44NumPy for Data Science Beginners: 2022Udemy1hr 51minBeginner
45Data Science for Business Leaders: Machine Learning DefinedUdemy1hr 58minBeginner
46An Athlete’s Guide To Data ScienceUdemy1hr 1minBeginner
47A – Z™ Python crash course for Data Science 2022Udemy2hrBeginner
48How To Build a Career in Data Analytics and Data ScienceUdemy1hr 39min Beginner
49Data Science – Data Mining Unsupervised Learning R & PythonUdemy1hr 52min Beginner
50Data VisualizationKaggle4 hrsBeginner
51PandasKaggle4 hrsBeginner
52SQL Crash Course for Aspiring Data ScientistUdemy1hr 24min Beginner
53SQL for Data Analysis: Solving real-world problems with dataUdemy1hr 57minBeginner
54Introduction to Data ScienceedX6 WeeksBeginner
55Data Science ToolsedX7 WeeksBeginner
56Data Science: R BasicsedX8 WeeksBeginner
57Python Basics for Data ScienceedX5 WeeksBeginner
58Data Science: VisualizationedX8 WeeksBeginner
59SQL for Data ScienceedX8 WeeksBeginner
60Statistical Thinking for Data Science and AnalyticsedX5 WeeksBeginner
61Data Science: Machine Learning by HarvardXedX8 WeeksBeginner
62Machine Learning Crash CourseGoogle15 hoursBeginner
63Data Science Full Program by EdurekaYouTube10 hoursBeginner
64Data Science Tutorial by Great LearningYouTube11 hoursBeginner
65Data Science Full Course For BeginnersYouTubeNABeginner
66Learn Data Science Tutorial – Full Course for BeginnersYouTube6 hoursBeginner
67Data Science Full Course by SimplilearnYouTube10 hoursBeginner
68Python for Data ScienceYouTube12 hoursBeginner
69Model Building and ValidationUdacity8 WeeksAdvanced
70Statistics and Probability Full CourseYouTube12 hoursBeginner
Free Data Science Courses online


These free data science courses can help you improve your knowledge of data science.

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