Error: attempt to apply non-function in R

Error: attempt to apply non-function in R, You’ll learn how to deal with the error notice “try to apply non-function” in this R tutorial.

Approach 1:- “Error: attempt to apply non-function” in R.

Let’s pretend we’re doing a mathematical operation with the numbers 5 and 7. Then we may try executing the following code:

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5 (7) 

Here you can see no functions or mathematical operators not provides. Let’s run the code.

Error: attempt to apply non-function

The error “try to apply non-function” is displayed in the R console. As we know, We didn’t define a mathematical operator or a function between the two values, which is why this happened.

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Approach 2:- Fix the Error

This example demonstrates how to prevent the “try to apply non-function” error notice.

We only need to introduce a mathematical operator between our two values to do this. We’ll use the plus sign in this example:

5 + (7)                
[1] 12

That you see this error, double-check your code to see if all operators and functions are defined correctly.

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